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Auditions- I don't dance my best.


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When I audition for major, elite summer programs with incredible dancers trying out, I tend to tense up, not focus on what I need to, freak out before turns, etc, etc. Only when I go into the audition confident is when I do very well. I dance so much better at my home studio....and I was wondering how I can work on my focus and how to control my fears that suppress my dancing abilities during auditions. I know it's all a mind game....but are there specific exercises, books to read, anything to help me be more comfortable and dance better at scary auditions?

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I think that you first have to realize that auditions for SI programs are just a class, and that you have as good a chance as anyone else if you are well trained, advanced enough for your age group, and have a reasonably good physical facility. If these things hold up, you just go in and do your thing that you have been trained to do. B) I know, sounds easy, and it isn't, but basically that's what it is. If you do well in your regular classes, then just do what you do. You have to trust yourself and your training. And, you have to realize that auditions are very subjective things and that everyone in the room is facing the same thing...that particular auditioner and what they are looking for. So, just do your work and DANCE!!! Auditioners LOVE people who look confident and obviously love to dance, respond really well to corrections, and give them what they are asking for.

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