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Ballet Talk for Dancers

Go and Check it out: Visit the College program

Robin G

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It's really best if any way possible to see a ballet class going on firsthand.That tells a lot.You need to get beyond the website and even what the school tells you.This answers many questions!

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Amen to PK’s advice about visiting colleges. But don’t forget to do more than look at a ballet class or two. Talk with some teaching staff. Talk to them about goals and what they try to instill in their students. Wander around campus, especially around student centers and recreation centers. Attend some campus event. Go to the library (and see how many students are studying there). Wander around off campus too. What you want is to get a general impression of the place as a whole.


Watch your kid’s reactions too. Ultimately, I think he or she needs to decide.

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Better yet, the dancer should arrange in advance to TAKE a class, ideally the level that fits the dancer's level (in most cases, it would be the advanced level, I think, for any serious ballet dancer).


We found college dance depts. to be very accommodating about taking a class while visiting the campus.

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Great advice, and I would say do this during the junior year, without the pressure of auditions and lack of time. Last year we visited my daughter's top college choice, took a look around campus, and even visited my old sorority house. This year we are combining two college auditions in different locations as well as a company/SI audition the same weekend!

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