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Question about hamstrings


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Hi, just a quick little question that I've been wondering about!


I'm working a bit extra on pelvic placement for the moment, I have a tendency of tipping it forwards so that the bum sticks out. It's not that much, but it's enough to disturb alignment and therefore my technique. I also sit in my hips sometimes, especially when doing developpes. Some time ago a teacher told me that my hamstrings are weak, which is probably true (my arabesques aren't that great :shhh: ). So now I'm thinking that it might be weak hamstrings that are part of my placement issue, could that be? And if so, would some extra hamstring strengthening on the side help both my alignment and prevent the sitting in the hips? Thanks!

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Sorry about that. Both Ms. Leigh and I have been somewhat preoccupied with computer difficulties both on and off the board, as well as all the other slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.


When you say that your hips tilt forward, but the buttocks stick out, that's not forward, that's backward. You have to concentrate on making your back feel as long as possible, but without tucking the bum under so that the pelvis DOES tip forward. It's a nice balancing act, preventing sway-back without going too far forward.


Once you've got that under control, a lot of the other problems will start to take care of themselves. But that has to be taken care of first, before we can address the hamstrings.

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Sorry for the confusion, but yes, I've been taught to see the pelvis as a bowl, just like lampwick has described. :flowers:


And placement is still my major issue in ballet, I'm working hard on finding it and then maintaining throughout the class. I know that there are no shortcuts in ballet, but the reason I asked this question was that I wondered if stronger hamstrings could help me with placement. If anything could aid me in my struggle it would be so appreciated :D


But yes, I will continue to work on it in class. Thank you for your answers!

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