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Auditions: Interview?


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Some companies state that an interview is part of the audition process. Is this typically the informal talk at the end of an audition or something more formal and individual? Is this to determine the dancer's personality? Are there specific common questions a dancer can prepare for?

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Personally, I'd make myself familiar with some of the company's repertory/dancers by attending a performance or two if possible.


Showing a specific interest and knowledge of a company will show that you're enthusiastic about dancing for them, and not simply there to attend some random audition.


I met the artistic director of the company I'm apprenticing with by attending a performance (I had to travel for this). I had someone introduce me and we had an informal chat. I was invited to take company class as an audition during this meeting. A week later, I traveled again to take the company class. I packed enough clothes and shoes *just in case* I was invited to stay. I started rehearsals that day! :)

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lampwick - some may call that good luck but you were totally prepared - merde to you!


It is always so important to know something about the company that you are auditioning for - just in case! You do need to act like you want to work there, right? What better way than to know about the company - their rep, their AD, etc. It could be the thing that puts you over the top and gets you hired.

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Well, the AD doesn't really hire based on "luckiness". I went to meet the AD with a specific agenda. To ask if I could take company class as an audition. If I hadn't met the standards at that audition, I would've been sent home.


And the logistics/timing were complicated for me personally, but I did what I needed to do.

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Lampwick - I didn't mean that it was only luck that got you hired - of course you were meeting the AD's standards. What I meant to say - or imply, but obviously not well - is that many people out there will consider dancers who get job offers as "lucky." Any dancer could have done what you did to get that first "in" but you worked hard throughout your training so that your AD didn't regret giving you the opportunity. You did what you needed to do to get the job.


I think you are the perfect example of how a dancer must create their opportunities and be ready and prepared for them to get hired. I hope you weren't offended. Please accept my apologies if you were.

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No I wasn't offended. Just wanted to clarify. And, true, there's the element of "luck"...being at the right place at the right time when there's a need to hire. And a dancer needs to be ready to jump at the chance when there's such an opportunity.


When a dancer finally "lucks out" and gets thier shot, thier friends who haven't gotten thier shot yet may be apt to say some unkind things about the dancers who get jobs. I know I've done it after more than one unsuccessful audition myself. It's a tough time of year and the insecurity level is high. I was a bit sensitive to this yesterday:)


He he. Back to our regularly scheduled discussion about interviews :ermm:

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