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Do you like Gillian Murphy or Paloma Herrera?

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  • 3 weeks later...

They are both great dancers but my fav is Gillian Murphy because she has a chest like me lol weird reason for picking a fav dancer :yes:

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  • 3 weeks later...

Gillian Murphy. I think they are both unbelievably talented, but when I waited backstage after a show for an autograph, Paloma Herrera signed a whole bunch a girls, then, when I was the only one left, she started to leave, so I asked her If she could please sign her name, as I was a huge admirer of hers, and thought she was beautiful, and she grabbed the pen, signed, then thrust the paper back, and said, "here, next time don't be the last person to ask me"

So that is why she became #2 on my list. :o

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  • 5 weeks later...

Gillian is much better than Paloma. Also I have heard many stories about Paloma not being the nicest person, she is very talented, but Gillian just appeals more to me.

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Gillian Murphy is an excellant turner! But I really prefer her over Paloma Herrera because I was in the elevator with her during a performance of Le Corsaire and she acted huffy and slightly annoyed with me even though I gave her plenty of space.

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I think Gillan Murphy is amazing at Black Swan, she just takes my breath away as she dances it! I would highly recomend watching her in Black Swan! Paloma Herrera is amazing in Don Q.!!!! So basically I love them both!!!!!!!!

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i think that comparing the 2 is like comparing apples to oranges. they are totally different dancers in my opinion. Paloma has a fierce attack to her dancing and is very strong. and Gillian is more tender and has a subtle attack at her dancing. I can't imagine Gillian topping Paloma in Don Q, yet i couldn't imagine Paloma topping Gillian in something like Swan Lake. So i love them both for very different reasons!

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Guest star_reacher

Both dancers are very talented in their own way. They both are such beautiful dancers, and I hope to be somewhat like them when I dance professionally in my future.

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