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Music: Astor Piazzallo

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I want to find the music written by Astor Pizzallo (sp mistake?) for the ballet Duet for One, it's danced famous by Anastasia Volochkova. I know many studios used his tango songs for dances, but can you provide me the names of the songs? Esp the song on Duet For One, I would really like to find out the name of it.


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Right, sorry, I was in a hurry this morning. Still don't know which music was used for the dances mentioned. Much Piazzolla may be accessed throught the Amazon banner at the top of the page.

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Could you supply a link to a song, or a clip? I might be able to help you, as Astor Piazzolla is widely known in Uruguay and Argentina as a composer of modern tango -I very much like his music, which I find it very apt to be danced to in a neoclassical manner (especially if tango steps are included in the choreography)



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