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Sorry if I should have posted this in SI mods feel free to move to correct forum.I want to attend CPYB summer intensive the only problem is being able to pay for it.My parents can pay some and others will help out like my aunt and older sister(and hopefully I'll get a scholarship).This still may not be enough so does anyone have ideas for ways I can raise money to go this SI.I've tried getting a job but no go.Any ideas are welcome and thanks in advance.

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Pick up odd jobs, if you can. Cleaning houses, doing lawn work, babysitting, blackmailing people with what you find cleaning their houses... :)


You may also see if your local service clubs like Rotary, Lions, or Zonta, to name a few, will help you. Contact a member to find out details.

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LOL :) thanks for responding so quickly some of those are ideas I have never thought of before.I hope I find something really juicy in someones house who knows what it could be worth.

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Guest Anindya Krisna

Oh I used to raise money too, to pay for my ballet lessons. Like missy12784 suggested, I sold my 'junks', basically things I never really used. I was still at school at that time and everybody thought I was doing drugs :) But it helped. Maybe you can hold a garage sale or something like that?

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