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Lucia Lacarra


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My sister called me the other day and said "I've just seen the most beautiful ballerina in my life." She mentioned her name, which I'd never heard before and promised to find me something with her in it. So when the "Great Dancers of our Time" dvd came in the mail, I was anxious to see what she meant.


So I popped it in and flipped to the Lucia Lacarra section, with Swan Lake pas de deux, variation, and Lady of the Camellias. I was transfixed. If you have not seen this woman dance, put on your list of things to do, preferably toward the top. She IS the most beautiful, fluid-like dancer I've ever seen. Her limbs stretch on forever and her feet!! OH my her feet! You cannot stop staring at them. And her legs are perfect. Sooo perfect. Her extensions, grace, ARMS, turns, EVERYTHING.


I have no idea what kind of work went into becoming what she is today, but she is amazing. Just thought I'd share my well....thoughts.


Thanks for listening! :)

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I watched the Lady of the Camelias video on youtube. She is so gorgeous and expressive!

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That my friends, is what happens when artistry meets beautiful technique. :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

She danced many leading roles at the company Metropolitan Classical Ballet where I take class, whether as a guest or not I'm not sure. I just stare at her pictures in amazement in the dressing rooms. She has some of the most beautiful feet I have ever seen.

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  • 1 year later...

Wow! Does anyone know how tall she is? I saw her name mentioned in a list of short dancers on another thread, but she looks so tall.

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Oh my. She is absolutely beautiful. Just watched the Camellia video on youtube. Wow. Think she is now dancing in Munich? This may necessitate a wee trip to Germany this year I think!

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Wow! I can't believe that I had never heard of her before!

She dances beautifully! She is definately on my list of favorite dancers now.

I think that the thing that is so magical about her is how she doesn't overdo anything. She dances so beautifully and calm that it makes you hold your breath. My non-dancer sister explained it exactly yesterday. She said that the best dancers are the ones who only make a little move and it makes the audience gasp. How about that for a non-dancer!

Also, I love how in-touch you feel with her. I felt like we were old friends, and that she wasn't this star ballerina.

Thanks for sharing!

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  • 6 years later...

Same exact thing with me. I am an avid balletomane and hadnt heard of her either. I kept asking myself how could this be. It scares me to think what if i hadnt discovered her.

She is superlative.

And hearing her talk in interview is an incredible treat.

I cant believe she was with san francisco ballet for five years. I could kick myself.

Anyway, she is sheer divinity.

You can even look at the faces of her two husbands when they were partnering her. It seemed that they, like us, were in awe of her and have a fierce respect for her.

We all know that we are in the presence of greatness.

Brenda Du Faur


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I have always adored her, and am surprised at how many people haven't heard of her. I first saw that Thais pas online a few years back and became a fan for life! Absolutely gorgeous dancer.

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  • 11 months later...

I had never heard of Lucia Lacarra, but when I saw her perform a white swan pas at the YAGP gala last year, I was blown away. I had never seen such a magnificent dancer in my life. Ever.

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Her Odette interpretation is beyond words. I could re-watch it again and again for hours.

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  • 1 month later...

Her Odette is indeed brilliant, and she just has amazing line. She has this graceful lightness that is quite rare and precious.

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