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Bumping up this topic; does anyone have any news on Creighton? DD is a junior and we are just starting to look at schools. The combination of education, location, and dance at Creighton interests her.



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FYI SAB alum and NYCB dancer Elizabeth Ford is now on Creighton's faculty.  :)

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I don't know anything about the dance program, but am an alum of Creighton and the school, faculty, campus and city are amazing! If your dancer wants to possibly go into the medical field, a great place to be! 

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Just visited, saw their performance of Giselle and was able to talk with Patrick Roddy from the dance department.

the dance minor consists of 16 technique credits and 2 performance (he said if you want to perform in productions all 4 years, you can talk about that). Ballet would be around 3 days a week, no separate pointe classes - up to you and teacher whether you take classes en Pointe (barre, center). During the performance there was around 9 dancers en Pointe - including the two leads of Giselle and Myrtha. Pointe is not required and he will only put dancers on stage en Pointe that he sees fit. 


Overall, he described it as a great place for people looking to dance in college without having to major in dance and who want dance to be a strong part of their education, again without a massive focus. Let me know if anyone has any other questions and I’ll do my best to answer as well! Hope this helps anyone looking!

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