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Hip Flexor (?) Issues


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Hello All,


Since I work part of my time in retail, I had to take a long ballet break over the holidays. Now that I am getting into it again, I'm having a nagging problem with my right hip. I never had any major trauma to the area (a fall, etc.) but over the summer at ADC I did experience a lot of discomfort by the end of the week, probbaly as a result of lots of developpes.


The area (right hip) hurts mainly in front and side extensions and occasionally hurts when it is the supporting leg (meaning when the left leg is working in developpe). When I try to massage the area, I feel it mainly along the front of the hip, right below the pelvis bone. I never took an anatomy class, so can anyone help with with naming this? I'm thinking psoas but am not sure.


I've been icing after class and taking it easy on the right side. Is there anything else I can do? I'm worried that it may be a technique issue ...


Sorry, just a little frustrated, thanks for reading!



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Ashley, I think that you may be having some "unfamiliar activity" symptoms which only get more irksome as we get older.


What you're feeling could be one of the hip flexors, maybe the iliacus, but the psoas is way down deep, and can only be felt from the surface of the skin at a point slightly below the inguinum (groin).

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Ah, ok ... I think I was under the impression that the hip flexor was the psosas. I think I need an anatomy lesson!


I am hoping that it isn't "aging" pains ... I'm only 24!

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Now you begin to understand why the mean (very mean!) age for retirement from dance as a stage performer used to be 27! The psoas is part of a compound structure made up of the iliacus and itself as the iliopsoas.

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For what it's worth -- and that would be the paper this isn't written on -- my 14 y.o. DD just saw the orthopediest/sports MD this morning for hip pain similar to what you describe, after a similar layoff. I can't help you with a name for the muscle, as the diagnosis we were given was "hip flexor strain and probably also inflammation of the joint capsule". No mention was made of technique problems. Doc prescribed a month-long course of by-the-clock anti-inflammatories (the prescription version of Alleve) and PT. Doc said there was no need to cut back on classes, adding "we try to keep people in their activities if possible, because we know how important they are to them."


As always, you should visit your own doctor to get your own diagnosis and treatment plan.

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And now because I just got a new job (with good health insurance!) I can go to the doctor! But what type should I go to? An orthopedist? Anyone have any recommendations for one in NYC?

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Please get yourself to the Harkness Center in NYC. They just deal with dancers and their injuries. My DD has been suffering with hip problems since Oct. After a few different diagnoses from different doctors, PT and Anti-inflammatory therapy, the doc from Harkness finally diagnosed DD with labral tears which will be operated on in 3 weeks. I'm not saying you have the same problem, but since you're close to NYC, why not see some of the experts in the field?

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Thank you for the recommendation crzctldt. I have considered the Harkness Center, but from some posts that I read on the board, they do not accept dancers with health insurance. I find this hard to believe, but I guess the safest bet would be to give them a call!

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Mine hurts in the front too at the spot you describe. My chiropractor (who works with NYCB) told me to not do the stretch where you hold your foot to your behind and try to flatten the front of the hip. Supposedly, that's bad.


I've been working on my turnout and I think it's just bothering me because of working in a different way. It's seemed to get a bit better this week.


He thinks it's because my psoas is spasmy on that side. When I gently release the psoas, the pain does go away. I've been imaged a few times, and my joints always look great (small bones and large joint spaces). Getting those xrays and MRIs and stuff is a relief from the stress of thinking it's something horrible.


Congrats on you job! Health insurance is great.

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Thanks for the congrats lampwick! I never realized how much I missed the 9-5. I think I may try to make an appt. with one of the orthopedists at Harkness in their private practice. I agree that it would stop me from stressing about something awful!


Have a good weekend all!

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We have insurance and had no problem getting in to Harkness. Besides seeing one of the doctors, I highly recommend making an appt. to be evaluated at the injury prevention clinic. The thorough exam is free. And may I recommend Dr. Donald Rose. He is very nice, easy to talk to, and his residents are nice,too.

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Are we all having achy hips right now? Is this a post-break thing? My right hip is hurting right below the joint the same way you describe. It feels like the tendon/muscle there is slightly inflamed.


I've been working really hard on alignment and turnout lately - I think this is stretching out the front of my pelvis (before I was told to push back into slight hyperextension and was dancing with my pelvis tipped for two years or so... )


I think I too shall go to the nurse/doctor to check it out.

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My hip is much better. I've been REALLY trying to work with my turnout better, and I think it was a temporary little twinge. I hadn't been having such regular classes for a while during Nutcracker performances, and the change in activity and flooring probably made it err.."angry".


I think there's tendons there that can get inflammed. I've been putting my heels together in first instead of leaving a space, and working a little differently, too. I think the body just gets "mad" sometimes when a change in technique occurs.


How's that for a scientific analysis. he he...

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