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Saute da sha


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I have a balance combonation where we do a saute de sha at the end of the combonation. Does anyone have an idea on how I can get the splits on the saute de sha? :rolleyes:

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Xandra, I think you will find a whole lot of information about this jump if you type saut de chat into the search box :D There are a lot of things important to attaining a good saut de chat, and only one of them is the split of the legs. You must have a really good jump and forward and upward movement through the air in order to get both legs up as high as possible. Once you have pushed into the air with the front grand battement, then you must keep traveling forward so that you can grand battement the back leg while the front leg is still there. Do not bend or pull yourself backwards, just aim your body towards where you are going and go there! :rolleyes:

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By "saut de chat", I'm sure that you mean "grand jeté pas de chat" which is a grand jeté done with a quick developpé of the leading leg. They don't have to be split in order to be right, but as with any grand jeté, it is a combination of enough elevation and enough forward thrust that produces the maximum leg spread. A saut de chat is actually a pas de chat that ends in a cou de pied position.

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