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I passed!


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I just got the email and had to share. I passed my CISA (certified Information System Auditor) exam!! A very imortant certification in my industry. So what does this have to do wtih Ballet? More than you'd think.


Every saturday morning I would get up at the crack of dawn and drive 80 plus miles and take a prep course. Immediately after that I was back in the car to race to nutcracker rehersal, I was getting up before the sun and getting home after dark.


Then I recived my exam admission ticket, the exam was one hour later than I thought, and I would have to leave the exam 2 hours early! I let the artistic director know I would be a little late for the matinee performance and made my preparations:


*Reserved a parking spot across the street from the test center at NYU

*train schedules in case of bad weather or car failure

*kept a set of dance clothes at the theatre and in the car

*maps in case of traffic

*I chose a test center a few miles further than another, but I could take the train if there was snow


I drove as fast as possible and made it with minutes to spare, the performances were great! It was a very demanding day, physically and intellecually. After four perfromances, I slept for 12 hours and went back to work protecting the world from hackers and viruses.


So make room on the champagne couch, I'm buying!



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Good for you, Mike, and a testimony to the wisdom of the old 6P maxim: Prior Planning Prevents (Pretty) Poor Performance.

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That is awesome! Congratulations MJ! Whew, I got tired just reading about that schedule :)


And, just think about how much easier your next exam or performance will seem after having had THAT experience. Piece of cake! :shrug:

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