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Footless Tights


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There was a thread a while back, asking about where one gets those footless tights one sees onstage (i.e. without cutting off the feet of standard tights).


Well... looking through the Harmonie Dancewear collection, I see they sell men's footless tights that I've never seen anywhere else. It shows a picture, but doesn't say what they're made of.



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Pretty good-looking, as tights go, but I'll be dipped in turtle oil if I can tell from the site what the fabric is. Probably best to contact them direct for that information.

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Guest redtights

Those tights look good. It's nice that they have colors besides black.


On the Harmonie website they list stores where their products can be found. Apparently though, these stores may not necessarily have Harmonie products. Today I stopped in at a store listed on the Harmonie site. Not only did they not have any of these tights, the girl seemed to have never even heard of the brand.

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I was a dance village in Manchester CT in early April and they had these new footless tights for guys, i think they were by capezio, and they looked and felt comfy when i checked them out without trying them on. I think they were about $20.

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