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I am wondering if anyone frequenting Ballet Alert knows anything about this dance program, not just the ballet, but modern and jazz, as well?

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Funny you should ask, DD and her older sister and I visited UNLV last June and stopped by the Dance Dept. We had a nice chat with a student who had impressive ballet training credentials from an East Coast program. We had specific questions regarding any option for ballet focus; UNLV is a "balanced" program, however (ballet, jazz, modern). Lots of opportunity to perform and get paid (Vegas, baby!); this student said many of the dance majors go to school part-time and work. According to this nice young woman, the dance program is very good and she is happy there, but she warned my DD that ballet every day wouldn't be likely.


If I remember correctly, admission to UNLV is automatic with a 3.0 GPA, even for out of state. Check their site. Campus was clean, modern and a do-able trek from the Strip, but we are walkers. Maybe 10 minutes from the Strip by cab.

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Here's the site: http://www.unlv.edu/Colleges/Fine_Arts/Dance/


I still can't do links, sorry!


No, they are not focused on Las Vegas Show Dance, they really are a balanced program of jazz, ballet & modern. But I do see more of an emphasis on jazz and modern on their site, at least in pictures.


Incidentally, the minimum entrance GPA for Fall 2006 is now 2.75. UNLV offers both a BFA and a BA in Dance. You don't have to audition for the BA but you DO have to be invited into the BFA program, I think it is after the 1st year.

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Guest silverfighter

I don't want to be mean, but as a graduate student at UNLV (not in dance, though), be aware that the academics at this university are not very good at all. Some of the programs aren't even accredited. So really look into what you want to do. Las Vegas is not a very educationally oriented city.



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I thought I saw a news story last week that said the GPA requirements at UNLV will be getting raised to a either 3.0 or 3.5.

That said, the dancers that my daughter knows at UNLV really like the program and as mentioned above, you can make money too.

The academics in some fields may not be as "high" as other universities, but in most they are comparable to others. Do your research as to transferable credits. Since UNLV does offer a BA and a BFA in dance, I don't see how those would not be transferable elsewhere.

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I don't know if you want to stay out west or Nevada offers what you are looking for, but you might want to check out the two very good schools with fine dance programs in Arizona(UA and ASU), and the UC schools(Irvine,Long Beach,Santa Barbara).

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PK, while we appreciate your offer of alternatives to consider, please keep in mind that the threads in this particular forum are deliberately set up to deal with one single program at a time. If you want to post about other programs, please feel free to do so on those programs' individual thread.


Thank you. :wink:

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DD and I visited UNLV last week. The faculty was very friendly and accomodating. She was able to take and observe classes. She was very pleased with the quality of classes and the caliber of students. The students were welcoming and friendly. Department holds four concerts a year and some students organize and perform their own productions. The department just hired a full time faculty member to teach dance production and they will have a BA with this emphasis in addition to the BFA.


The UNLV tour guide indicated they have kept admissions very open to build the number of students. Requirements will become more strigent as they meet their goals for growth. They are expanding the student union and building a new, huge recreation center.


UNLV offers an Honors College program for students seeking increased academic challenge.

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visiting mom,

If your DD decides to go to UNLV, PM me and maybe she and my DD's friends that take classes there can get together.

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Veronica, and all...


Oddly, the system won't let me PM. However, that is fine, since this is a question for anyone who can help. DD is off to UNLV in August and is excited about the balanced ballet, jazz and modern since she really cannot bring herself to chose yet. :sweating: However, when she registered it was a shocker. Two jazz and two modern classes a week are just fine, but two ballet only is just not going to cut it for her. She wants a minimum of four classes a week. Can any alum or current students out there clue me in on what students do? I can't believe that students don't supplement. Are there good studios where she can pick up classes? Does UNLV allow students to audit extra sections? She will not have a car, so that is another issue. HELP!



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Oddly, the system won't let me PM.

visiting mom, you must have 30 posts in order to be allowed to PM other members...

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