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This semester has had its ups and downs. My teachers are very confident about the possibility of me becoming a pro! :wink: I have a pretty good body/proportions, great flexibility and nice technique. There are plenty of things I need to work on, though.


One of my teachers says that I am so flexible that I desperately need strength, especially in my back. I also have hyperextended knees that I sometimes lock them. She says that I “sink” in my lower back in cambre and attitude and it is affecting my ability to turn (I tilt my pelvis/sink in my back). I take a pilates mat class 1x per week, but she believes working with the machines would be very beneficial; I can strengthen my core and learn to control my back flexibility. :thumbsup: I also need to strengthen my ankles using therabands.


Another one of my teachers feels that I since I have grown a lot I have lost some of the strength in my legs. I can’t get as high in jumps, etc. But, since I am young, she believes the strength will “come to me” :unsure: when I stop growing.


Finally, the questions: What exercises can I do to strengthen my legs? I plan to do pilates for my abs and theraband stuff for my ankles. Would wearing ankle weights and doing barre exercises at home help at all? Will strength really “come to me”? Is a fourteen-year-old without enough strength “behind”?


Sorry this post is so long! I have to keep telling myself that I have four years or more to improve and become a ballet dancer. It seem like I am suffering from “senioritis” early! :lol:


Thank you in advance! Any other comments or suggestions are welcome. :)

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There are 14 year olds and then there are 14 year olds :wink: Some have so much growth going on that the strength comes later. This is okay. If you are one of those with long limbs and a lot of flexibility, it will take longer to gain the strength, but it will come. Just be patient, and keep working!

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Guest SweetSorrow004

I've recently had a growth spurt over the holidays, and have noticed quite a loss of strength in my legs, especially ankles. I am VERY long limbed and hyperextended. My calfs are strong though. My teacher gave me excercises with a theraband and worked with me so that i could locate and use muscles along my legs, etc. I have difficulty feeling my legs work, therefore i find it sometimes hard to really control it all. My pointe work is weaker, mostly because my ankles are not as strong. I'm working to fix the strength issue by following what my teacher said to do, but does my hyperextension and growth spurt and mile-long legs contribute a lot to the weakness? How can i feel my muscles more? Hope you can help!

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