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I recieved some information from them and I am extremely interested in this school.Does anyone on this site go there or know about the program?For example how intensive is the ballet program.Also what are the auditions lik?

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I have taken class from Kitty Daniels and had the opportunity to talk to her a couple of occasions. I am completely sold on her vision of what dance is, how we should approach what we do in generating art.


I couldnt give you details about the school but I can tell you that its right in the middle of the city. The "school" and ballet studios are a driving distance apart but there are frequent busses that students can take.


I have a friend from high school at Cornish, I'll see if she wants to post about it.

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I talked to Audrey a sophmore, she asked me to send her email address on to people with a real interest in the school. PM me if you would like me to pass it onto you.

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Sorry I don't think I can PM yet.But thanks for trying to help.

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I was a Cornish graduate about 6 years ago. I came from a professional training background and still found the ballet classes to be challenging. From what I understand, the level of dancing at the school has increased the last couple of years. I don't know if that is the actual case, but what I've been told by others who should know.


I agree with saying that I was sold on Kitty Daniels vision, it is something that I agree with 100%.


Most who attend Cornish aren't looking to become professional ballet dancers. Even though the level of ballet is quite good and the professors are pushing the dancers, if you're not surrounded by other bunheads, it's difficult to get to that professional level.


If you're looking to become a teacher, choreographer, or go into modern dance... then I think it's one of the best programs out there. I feel that they truly prepare you for a life long career in the dance world.


If you're wanting to become a professional ballet dancer, not so much. Not becuase of the technique level or the instruction or the hours in the classroom... but becuase of the surrounding dancers.


... When I auditioned, I just took one of the classes. They normally don't like to do that, but I was from across the country and could only come to town at one point.

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Thanks so much julip you're a great help

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Guest air_uh_bessk

(Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, I wasnt exactly sure where it would go.)

So it has been my plan to go to Cornish School of the Arts in Seattle. My mom went there after doing ballet for 14 years. I have only been doing it for 2. Do I have a chance? Please be brutally honest, am I wasting my time? I really do want to pursue ballet. I am afraid to apply and have them laugh at my dream.

Any advice would help.

(And again, Im sorry if this was the wrong place to post this! :blink: )

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My dd went to their SI last year. There was no audition for that. Not sure if it is the same faculty as their program during the year. Dd also felt they work you hard but is more geared to making modern dancers like someone else here said.


The faculty we spoke with were very nice and went out of their way to help my daughter and I feel comfortable with them. The school is in the Capital Hill district. NOt a bad district during the day, lots of people walking in this neighborhood as parking is dear. Night time I wouldn't walk there if I could help it, but I am very cautious, having been mugged before (not in SEattle). I guess my point is that you should call and speak with their program director. Ask them directly and that will help you get over your fears about trying to do something you really want to do (dance).


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I'm looking into colleges that have good dance programs too, and I've been thinking about Cornish. I'm in classes with air_uh_bessk, so I've been dancing for 2 years as well. we have pretty advanced classes, and we do 5-6 hours a week. in September we'll both be doing 10-11. my sister and dad tell me that going to Cornish won't prepare me for a career or anything because it's just dancing and you don't learn math and stuff. I want to be a teacher but from what I've heard, you have to be dancing a long time for that.

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In the past, the dance department has accepted dancers that they saw as talented but without the training that others might have had. I think that's a wonderful thing and a great way of helping out students who have talent and desire but received bad training or little training earlier. They're usually accepted on a probationary status and evaluted again at the end of the school year.


I don't know if the department still does this, but it was the case in the past.


The faculty there will not laugh at someone who loves ballet and is passionate about following it. However, they will be honest with you about your weaknesses as well as your strengths.


Twice a year, the department has an Invitation to Dance event, open to high school age students. They send out announcements to all the local schools, but you might want to check in with their website from time to time also. There is a ballet class, a modern class, and a talk by (usually) Kitty Daniels. I would suggest going to it.

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What do graduates do after training at cornish? if most dance profesionally, then in which companies?


http://www.cornish.edu/dance/alumni.htm Here is a link to a listing of what alumni have done. There is also a newsletter each year with updates on alumni, current students, faculty, and prep students http://www.cornish.edu/dance/docs/DanceNew...terFall2005.pdf


Most of the alumni who go on to dance work in the local modern dance community. I was also doing a mental rundown of everyone that was in my graduating class. Of 20 students in the dance department, 15 are working in a dance-related field, if not performing outright (I do not know if they are making their living in dance, but they are working). The remaining 5 I don't know about.

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I turned in my application last week and got a call for an audition!! I'm so excited. A girl who is a Cornish dance major teaches a bit in my school's winter guard and another girl I dance with (who's applying to Cornish) went to her class and after she told us all about the audition and what to expect and she said we have a good chance of getting in :clapping:


I'm excited!

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Can anyone here share information (from the student perspective) about the dance department at Cornish College in Seattle? My daughter is a contemporary ballet dancer, interested in teaching and choreography, who thinks Cornish College is her first choice, though we haven't really had any input from other applicants, current students or recent grads. Can anyone here help? There isn't any discussion on the Cornish thread for a couple of years... Thanks.

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I second deafcat's request! I am considering applying to Cornish, and I would love to hear from some current/recent students about any developments in the dance program. I know that these things can change quickly, and there hasn't been any information on Cornish in a couple of years.

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