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is it hopelesss

Guest iheartashton847

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There shouldn't be any reason to stop just because of age. If you have a really good school and a really good facility for ballet, you can do a lot!


And welcome to the board! :)

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Guest iheartashton847

thanks! yeah im getting a barre put into my house and stuff, and my friend who is amazing and basically almost pro, is going to Julliard and is gonna private lesson me!

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There should be no reason to stop. If you like it and just have fn doing it then you shouldn't have to stop. Even if you want to make a career out of this it doesn't necessarly mean you have to stop you just have to work harder because everyone else has a head start on you


Keep trying and doing your best :shrug:

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iheartashton, we welcome you to Ballet Talk for Dancers, but ask that you please read the "Sticky" threads at the top of the forums and learn how we post here. For instance, we don't use slang and abbreviations for words, as we have posters from all over the world who speak English as a second language and they don't understand words like "wanna" and "thx" and "junk". I have fixed your posts on this thread for you. :shrug:

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Iheartashton, which ballet school do you go to? I'm justing wondering because my friend lives in Conneticut and takes ballet. I think she goes to a school called New Haven or something like that. :shrug:

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