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We did chaines on pointe for the first time today. (I had done them once before about two years ago at my old school) I did really well on my right side, well enough to earn a rare compliment.


But on my left side, even going REALLY slowly, I couldn't spot enough that I didn't get lost. On flat I have compensated for my lack of spotting by learning to deal with my dizzyness and turn okay as long as I don't go very fast. In pirouttes it's not a problem.


How can I improve my spotting.


What makes this more difficult than a normal spotting question is that I used to spot very well. After I broke my neck, I lost some of my range of motion in my neck. It isn't enough that it is noticeable in daily life, and I've been able to get back to almost my previous level on my right side, but not even close on my left. I think this is because the muscles were worked more when I was first recovering. In rehab I worked both, but when I started dancing again, we only danced on the right side. I'm 6 years post injury- is it possible to train the left muscles to work? Or is it to late.


I also think I am scared of my left side, because that was the side of my body (not just shoulder/neck) that was affected the most by the nerve damage. Logically, I know I can't break my neck by spotting, but I'm so timid. Has anyone had to mentally convince themselves to get over a fear like this?


Thanks for the advice.

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Relax, we all have a weaker side, for all sorts of reasons. In fact, that may be the key word here - relax. I'll bet that you have some tension when you do things requiring spotting to the left. Don't be afraid of it, just go ahead and do it. You may have to practice twice as often to the left than on the right, but do that.

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Thanks Mr. Johnson. I think the last sentence is the most important part. Occasionally, I know I am guilty of practicing what I'm good at because it's nice to be good at things.

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