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You want to pierce your WHAT?!


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The earlobe stretching has been around longer than you think. Mostly came from the African tribes.


I meant to note this in my initial post, most reputable piercers won't pierce anyone under 16, regardless of if a parent is with them or not, for a multitude of reasons, one because that they might still be growing.


Research the piercer because you go to them, and I would definately wonder if they agree to pierce someone under 16

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My navel piercing is no longer there. I had a curved barbell in and my ex boyfriend tried to pick me up and throw me in a pool and his pinky caught on the lower ball. It ripped half of the way out and healed crooked.


OK, I have to say it: Eeeeuuuu, now that's gross! :)

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If she really, really wants a piercing, a nose stud might be the way to go. Kait had one for the two years that she apprenticed, and just wore a really really tiny one when she had performances (I mean, you could really only see it if you were standing about a foot away from her), and she covered it with foundation so that it wouldn't catch the light on stage. You could never see it from the audience - her AD had no problem with it.


That is, of course, if she's open to anything besides one in her belly button.

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Our Arabian soloist in Nut performed with a naval ring and it caused no problems. It looked good with the costume, too. Totally appropriate. I know that piercings make some men nervous, others aren't bothered by it. The women with tattoos have them in places where they're not visible. One of the men had a visible one (also Arabian) and he didn't cover it for performances. In traditional roles, it'd be covered by the costume. I guess it was deemed acceptable for this particular role. I thought it looked all right. The dance was sexy and exotic so it worked. Our theatre is small. In a large theatre, it might look like a "blob", and would need to be covered with makeup.


Tiny nose studs aren't visible from the audience. One of our women wore one and you couldn't see it.

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on the other side of things, I've partnered two girls with pierced belly buttons. I was a little nervous at first. But it was clear from the beginning that if anything happened to them, ie it got ripped out, it wasn’t my fault. They both seemed happy with it, and said when I asked that it's never bothered them. Not gonna lie though, its something I would have been happy not having to worry about as I got used to it.


I think its a personal choice.


And just to add, belly button rings maybe unsightly under a leo, but it doesn’t match the rare nipple ring I have seen. :yes: people never cease to baffle me.

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Guest DelBocaVista

101driver, when my daughter was about the same age as your daughter she also wanted a pierced navel. While my first instinct was to say NO WAY :thumbsup: I instead told her I would think about it. After I had thought about it for a while I told her if she still wanted it when she turned 16 that it would be ok. She is now 17 and thanks me for not letting her get it done when she was younger :sweating: . Sometimes what seems like a good idea to a 14 year old does not seem so good when they are a little more mature. Also a lot has to do with what their peers are doing. She switched to a pre professional school where none of the dancers have piercings which helped a lot. Her former school had lots of dancers with piercings, a lot of them very young.

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Guest appjuli

I have the flip to your story, dancetaxi:

I almost got a tattoo when I was 18. At the last minute I backed out, and said "if I still want it when I'm 30, I'll get it then."

Well, I still wanted it, so at 30 I took my husband and 2 kids to the tattoo guy and got a vine around my ankle. It's smaller than what I would have gotten at 18, I was sure I could live with it forever, I was MUCH more fastidious about choosing the artist...


So the rule in our family is that the kids can get tattooed - at 30!

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Knock Knock-

I have had my belly button pierced for about 11 years now. I had it as a company dancer, as well as 2 tattoos. I don't think that they would get in the way once healed, but I do think that the healing process was more difficult for me because of the amount of movement I did at the time. I liked all of my body art then, and more importantly, still do, but I was an adult at the time, and already had a paying gig. If your DD is a serious pre-pro dancer, I would ask her to consider the opinions of anyone she may be studying with/working for in the future. Some companies have strict rules concerning body art, most at least have guidelines.


In response to the above post, a piercing cannot be removed during the healing process because the hole would scab over and close, as a wound would. In fact, many surface piercings can close even after years of having them if the jewelry is removed- some even start to push the metal out of place.

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