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Auditions: Conflicting dates help

driver of a dancer

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How does one handle the confliction of dates of company auditions.


Dancer really would like to do both and the dates/times are the same.

Forget that they are hundreds of miles apart.

I feel a phone call is in order to ask if there is any other way to audtion.Dancer does not want to just send video. Dancer feels by saying that you want to do such and such a date for another company that gives the impression that there is more interest on the dancers part for that company which is not the case.


These both are companies that only have ONE date and time.

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I suggest that she write to one of the companies, include a resume and photo, and ask if she could audition in a company class if she made a trip to that city on a different date. She does not have to state why she cannot make the scheduled audition.

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My daughter had a similar conflict last year with the Tulsa Ballet. She called, explained she had a conflict, and asked if she could audition at their studios (even though their onsite audition had already passed and their website stipulated no company class auditions.)


They asked her to send a video and her resume. She did, and they called back and asked if she could fly out to audition via a company class. So that's what she did. :)


It won't hurt to ask. The worst they can do is say no.

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I have to think that companies are used to dealing with such requests. For example, it looks like every company in the US (well at least quite a few :angelnot: ) have auditions on March 5 making it almost a certainty that there will be conflicts.

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