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Alexandra Ansanelli


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I got my new Pointe magazine and on the back inside cover there was a picture of Alexandra Ansanelli modeling a Mirella leotard. Under the photo it said that she is a First Soloist with the Royal Ballet. I have always known for her to be dancing with New York City Ballet, when did she move to the RB? Or is she still with NYCB and guesting with RB? When did I miss this????

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She left NYCB last fall and joined Royal late December (if I remember right). Her debut with the Royal will be in February in Tch. Pdd.


If you search on the sister site http://ballettalk.invisionzone.com - you can find more details and links to articles covering her move!

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I was so sad when I was hearing that she was leaving New York. She's the type of dancer that makes you sit on the edge of your seat. Huge risk-taker on stage, and she could usually pull it off. It's exciting when dancers are actually more daring on stage. It's tough to do. She must have nerves of steel. And she was such a nice role model for the young girls. Always the consummate student in class. Pink tight, leotard, perfectly groomed and sweet toward the teachers. Never had that "diva" attitude that a lot of professionals get. I remember her actually asking a teacher if she would "mind" helping her with her leaps. One time, I had to share the barre with her in a very crowded class. I had a pole right beside me and she kept asking me if I was "OK" with that. Very sweet girl.

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aw! i was sad when i saw that pic too:( she was my favorite NYCB dancer but i wont get to see her dance now. but if thats what she wanted then its good for her. im sure she will be great there!

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DD and I were privileged to see her debut in Tchaikovsky pas de deux at the Royal Opera House and she was lovely. She has since received very positive reviews for other performances. Seems she will be a great favourite with us local yokels. Thanks to the USA for growing a real trouper!

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Yeah, I really liked her in that as well - I saw her in the 23 Feb performance of it.


Last night had the pleasure of seeing her rehearse Wheeldon's Polyphonia. Her finger pirouette was AMAZING. My friend and I just sat there going 'how does she do that'????

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She has no fear. no hesitation.


I was just talking about her today. I'm lamenting my somewhat limited (well, more accurately, inconsistently held...tiny narrow hips and scoliosis blah blah blah) turnout which continues to be an issue.


Alexandra's my beacon of hope.

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the coolest thing about the pirouette was how intensely musical it was.


Precise choreography - 3.5 revolutions, ending facing the guy, developpe seconde right on this note and....


A relatively moderately paced pirouette, but so perfectly timed with the music - wow. And made us really wonder how she got the momentum to do that.


But then, while I've done supported pirouettes, I have not done finger pirouettes.... another question for me to ask in class!!!

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she is such a lovely dancer though..and i have to agree she is very nice i have taken many classes with her when she came to my studio to take class and she was very nice she also iss hard working and worderful to watch

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