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On to Denver


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Hey Ya'll (been in texas)

Our little skit is movin on to Denver, and although I didn't get to take class in Houston, I'm hoping to try in Denver.

Anyone know a good adult class that is during the day? (all of the houston classes were in the eve when we have shows..)


Hope everyone's classes are going well!

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Thanks Barretalk!

Not sure if I'm up for intermediate/advanced! Maybe I'll drop by and see.


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Thanks Barretalk!

Not sure if I'm up for intermediate/advanced!  Maybe I'll drop by and see.



Well then, how about a Tuesday/Thursday 11:30am beginning/advanced beginning class at my school, The Academy of Classical Ballet? It's in Lakewood, West of Denver but easy freeway access makes it only about 10 minutes from downtown.


For complete class schedule:


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That sounds/looks perfect. I don't have a car here with me though- do you think a taxi would take me there?

Thanks for the info. If we don't have rehearsal, I may try to go this thurs!

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Part of the fun of being in a new town is learning to navigate around it. A taxi can take you anywhere in the metro area. Depending on where you are staying you might be able to bus it. The #16 bus goes straight out Colfax every 15 minutes.



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Academy of Classical Ballet

9797 West Colfax

(N.E. Corner of Colfax & Kipling)

Lakewood, CO 80215


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