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Ballet schools in Netherlands - Amsterdam


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I am going to be in Amsterdam, Netherlands next week, and I wondered if anyone could suggest a place to take a professional level ballet/pointe class.


Thank you.




Moderators: if this is the wrong board, please pardon me and put this on the correct board.

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Nope. Right board! Enjoy your trip!

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Nice thought, but chezdancer is still a New Member, and so doesn't have PM function yet.

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Nice to think of me Shulie. Although I'm not directly from Amsterdam, I live close by (30 minutes) and I can help out!!


There are 2 options: Amsterdam Dance Centre, drop in classes, but curiously the highest level at the moment is Intermediate (they used to have Advanced and Pro as well, don't know what happened to them :) ).


Their website is:




(unfortunately dutch only)


and their e-mail address is:




The second option, but more geared toward pro, is the Henry Jurriens Stichting.


They have a website in Dutch and English:




Something a friend of mine suggested, but something that I'm not sure of that it will be possible, is contacting the National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam to see if you can take a class there with the students of the Ballet Academy. Their website is:




there should be information for e-mail on that site.


Hope this helps you and enjoy your stay in Amsterdam!



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