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Help with Clean Pirouettes


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Any suggestions on doing clean priouettes? The studio I'm at now had wooden floors, spliters and all. The is no finish but raw wood. And I know that many if not all companiy studios have marlee floors. Is it easier to do doubles on marlee floors?

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Actually I found pirouettes on correctly finished wooden floors for ballet much easier to turn on. Try keeping a paper towel moisted with water off to the side. Step onto the paper towel before each combination and see if it helps you feel more secure. Also rock rosin may be helpful.

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I made the experience, that turning on proper floor is much easier to do than on bad floor but for me it was a good exercise: I practiced doubles at home on tapestry and it was very hard to but afterwards in class, on proper ballet-floor they were much better and much easier to do.

I also do the one with the towel when dancing on nasty floor.

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