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1st arabesque, stage form...that did not quite make it enough behind her, the shoulders are out of alignment and the hands are drooping, but she has a lovely feeling and joy of movement to learn from also.


This is obviously a performance photo. It is not a perfect academiic pose because of the issues discussed above. Students must always strive for the academic pose in class so that when one is moving on stage quickly the best line will be accomplished. This woman is obviously a beautiful dancer. She simply could have looked even better if she had her leg more back, the shouldeers squarer and the hands lifted.


Good eyes missy12784 on what could be better. There are many good things to learn from this photo though. Can you name a few? :wacko:

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Thats Beatrice Knop one of the soloists from Berlin State Opera Ballet in the performance of "Sleeping Beauty". I think she was dancing a fairy.

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One good thing I learned from this pose was how her whole upper body is positioned right over the standing leg. Making it easier to hold that position. And most of all, how much fun she looks like she is having. And who wouldn't with a tutu like that!

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