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Parents book of ballet


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Interested in finding books related to this topic.. any ideas?


Thanks a bunch :yes:

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At the top of the Pre Professional General Discussion forum, you'll see several stickies and this one relates to all sorts of books about raising a ballet dancing student: Good Books About Ballet: understanding it, technique, health and more. Check it out! :blink:


There's even a handy book with the exact title of your thread. :yes:



Alexandra Jan 2 2003, 05:22 PM:

...And please remember that if you are going to buy books through Amazon to click on the link that's conveniently located at the top of every page of this site. We get a 5% commission if you buy from Amazon, and half that if you buy from Amazon affiliates. You have to enter the site through our banner at the beginning of each shopping session for us to get credit for it...

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