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Legat School of Dance UK

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Welcome to the board, arabella8, I an assure you that many have heard of this school. I'm sure you'll get some helpful replies over the next few days. In the mean time, I hope you'll make yourself at home and become involved in many discussions on the board. Perhaps you can stop by the Welcome forum and introduce yourself. :grinning:

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I have Googled 'the Legat School UK" and have come up with nothing. Are you able to give a more complete name of the school. I am sure Major Johnson will be able to tell us more about this system of teaching and possibly the school connected to it? :grinning: He is a major source of great ballet info! B)

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The name of the place is "The Legat School".


The Legat School

Bellerbys College Wadhurst, Mayfield Lane

Wadhurst, East Sussex TN5 6JA

Tel: (0)1892 782000 Fax: (0)1892 784323

Residential/day school providing dance training for boys and girls aged 11-19.


There are actually quite a few schools which teach Legat Method in the UK and their blanket organization is called The Russian Ballet Society:



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Thank you Major Johnson. Great website! :grinning:

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There's a board member - Tara - who posts on the Adult Ballet forum who (I think) attended the Legat school. You might try searching for her posts to see what she's said about it. She may also see this thread and give you information from her experience.

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