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Maos Last Dancer by Li Cuxin

I loved that book, my library had it but I have yet to find a place where I can actually buy the blasted thing.

I have a Joffery ballet book that is good for learning what you need to prepare for your first class and it has a glossary, the title is beyond me right now and it's still over seas

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The Ballet Companion book is the perfect book to touch upon a little of everything. I found it very useful as a teacher. Great for students or parents also. From ballet history to proper technique, to popular ballet stories, it is very well written.


They have the book available at AllAboutDance.com - as well as some other great reading materials for dancers and teachers of all ages.


You can check out what they have here



Good luck! :D

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I received mine in 3 days from All About Dance. I think the book is on the Gaynor website as well.



I have already tried to get a copy of The ballet companion by Eliza Gaynor Minden and I swear it is a rare as hens teeth here. i have already waited two months.




Two months?!? That's crazy :wacko: . I saw an excerpt on developpes in Pointe magazine and I was impressed. She covered many details and gave very helpful advice. Do think I should attempt to order it through a bookstore or online? Good Luck with getting your copy!

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Hi - I'm looking for a ballet GIFT or COFFEE TABLE book to give to a young dancer friend. She doesn't need a technique book (been dancing and en pointe for several years) or a beginner's book. I want to give her something as a thank you for taking us to the ballet recenty, something their whole family could enjoy. My local big-box book store had several of the titles already mentioned in this thread, but they weren't what I'm looking for. Thanks for any leads.

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What about a Degas art book??

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I stumbled across a couple of ebooks on Amazon, and I'm so glad I did.

One is called 'An aspiring ballerina's guide to feet and pointe shoes' and the other is 'An aspiring ballerina's guide to auditions', both by Gemma Pearce.

They are not extremely long, but they are packed full of useful information that I wish I'd found sooner! Plus, they are only a few dollars each, so they're great value.

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