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Auditioning: bad technique vs. nerves?


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I went to an audition this weekend in which I TOTALLY did NOT impress myself, and it got me wondering/worrying about this question: in an audition setting, if a dancer fudges things a little bit, maybe goes off center in the turns, can the auditioner tell the difference between someone whose technique is not up to par and someone who is just being thrown off by the uncomfortable setting? Can nerves/ discomfort totally obscure one's training? Or can you tell the difference? Curious for an auditioner's perspective, as I have only ever been on one side of the table... :lol:


Of course once acceptances and non-acceptances come out, I might be able to answer my own question, but right now I'm just killing time and wondering... :sweating:

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I cannot speak for all auditioners, but I look for talent. Remember auditions for SIs and residency/college programs is to find students to teach.


Don't worry too much about mistakes. Be yourself in an audition. As long as you try your hardest, look as if you enjoy what you are doing and have the physical attributes a particular auditioner is looking for, you will be fine. :huepfen:

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Guest Odette852

I also had an audition two weeks ago that I TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY BLEW because I worked myself into a frenzy and couldn't calm down, but apparantly the auditioners saw my technique because I got in. Hope this helps! :devil:

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To be perfectly honest, most auditioners can tell the difference between who has technique and who doesn't by the way they stand. So yes, an auditioner can tell the difference between no technique and nerves.

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I believe the question was about the difference betweeen

...someone whose technique is not up to par and someone who is just being thrown off by the uncomfortable setting?


Although your view is interesting LMC, please remember the polite "knock-knock" since this is the YD forum. :devil:

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