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Exciting News!


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The rehearsal schedule for the Spring performance just came out! We are allowed to miss 2 rehearsal, and the schedule works just right that I can participate. (I have 3 trips to Tx planned- to see my soon to be new nephew, a friends wedding, and a 50th wedding anniversary- I was worried they would all fall on rehearsals)


But just getting to perform isn't the most exciting part.


MY LEVEL DANCES EN POINTE!!! I asked my instructor if she thought I should dance with the adults instead of my level, because I started taking pointe classes 6 months later than the rest of the group, but she said I'm doing fine and should do it with them.


We are doing La Boutique Fantastique and our level is the Can-Can girls.


The littlest kids are doing The Sorcerers Apprentice, and the oldest kids are doing Graduation Ball. (Last year all the levels did Cinderella, so this is a new set up- to me at least)


I'm so excited. I didn't figure I would ever actually get to perform en pointe. :huepfen:


Of course, now this means I need to buy 2 more pairs of shoes, because mine current pair is set to wear out soon, and it's replacement will probably die the day before the show.

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Congratulations!!! :huepfen: That is fantastic news. I look forward to hearing all about how it goes.

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Rehearsals don't even begin until March, but I already turned my "permission slip" in. I also volunteered to help with sewing.


I sat down with the rehearsal schedule and figured out exactly how many hours of ballet this is going to add to my schedule. It's 6 hours of warm up (we don't warm up on Sat. because we just came from class- only Sunday's and performances), 42.5 hours of rehearsal, and 4 hours of performance. (Of course I don't get to dance all those rehearsal and performance hours)


The nice news is it's only 14 actual days of rehearsal, and 2 of performances- so it's not a huge commitment (and there are NO fees involved at all except shoes, bloomers and tights- which is wonderful)


I can't wait to see what we are doing.

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Wow! you are so brave performing! I love classes and rehearsals, but never want to perform. Keep us in touch about how rehearsals go - so wec can enjoy your fun vicariously!

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Today was the first rehearsal! We learned half of our dance. It is wonderful- and a lot of fun. We are the Can-Can dancers, and our dance has a lot of traditional can-can elements, as well as some pointework, because this is the first level to perform on pointe.


My favorite part of the dance is that it is really high energy and we get to smile the whole time. I love smiling a big cheesy smile in dance- and it's not usually a ballet thing. We also are doing chugs for the first time and they actually appear a couple time in the dance.


I'm so excited about rehearsal tomorrow to learn the rest :)

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