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We just found out which of our pieces will be performed for Festival this year. DD has a VERY small part in all 3 that were adjudicated, but our favorite was the one selected!


The biggest news is that we were selected to perform on Saturday Night for the Gala! Our studio is just buzzing away with all the great news.


Who else is going this year?


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Our company is closing the first act of Gala night!!! Things are buzzing around our studio as well.


I just finished filling out the forms.


We're off to YAGP this weekend in Irving. Anyone else going?


HDT has done a really good job planning this Festival. I think it will be fun. Although the Woodlands is within driving distance, I will be staying in the Hotel.



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Guest littlegenius177

Our studio is going to SERBA too! BUt we haven't been adjudicated yet. Our adjudication is Tuesday, Feb. 28. I went to SERBA last year. It was so much fun! I'm already looking foward to it! The classes are very good and the performances at night are awesome. Has anyone else been there last year? Our studio did Paquita last year. We were the only ones in short tutus.

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There is a school from SA in RDA. They have a good reputation. One of our dancers attended their SI last summer, and enjoyed her time there.


Festival is just three short weeks away. :thumbsup:

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Whew....I've never hemmed a skirt like I just finished for RDA!


I just needed to let the other moms know which one so you can smile when you see them and know how much I cussed!! lol!


When you see the Bolero piece with the long red dresses, know that DD's has a 4 inch hem and the dang skirt is FULLER than full circle....who even knew they could do that????? and it's that slinky swimsuit material!


ok, end of whine....start of wine :thumbsup:

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