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Just thought I'd add the School of Ballet Chicago to this board as it seems from time to time people have posted looking for information about Chicago-area ballet training.


My daughter (16) is new to Ballet Chicago this year, in fact we allowed her to move from the east coast to live with her grandparents in order to train there. She attended their 2 week advanced intensive last August. Daniel Duell (NYCB) and Patricia Blair are the directors of the school and also teach. The training is "Balanchine based" and very exacting. Her previous training was primarily Vagonava w/ exposure to "Balanchine" during summer intensives. The school is very supportive of it's students and helpful when it comes time for a student to graduate and enter the world of company auditions.


She is very happy with the school and feels she has found the right place for to finish her training.

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I was wondering what the living conditions are for students who attend the year round program. I don't think that there are dorms, but if one were to move to Chicago, would there be host families for the year round program?

I auditioned for the program a few months ago, and the teachers seemed wonderfully attentive, I was very impressed. :D

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You should speak to Patricia Blair about living arrangements. My daughter was lucky that her grandparents live in Chicago and were willing and able to have her live w/ them. They had offered a host family situation to us also. There are a few 18 and over dancers that have apartments. Are you attending the summer intensive?

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Guest BalletCutie014



Ballet Chicago is the studio I attend year round. I just started there this year. Before my training was Vaganova-Based. Ballet Chicago does have host families for the SI, but the dorms are really really nice. The aren't too far from the studio, and they are in a good location in relation to downtown chicago and all the attractions. I'd reccomend speaking with Ms. Blair though! :blushing:

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About how many girls are in their top level and studio company?? I am attending their 2 week intensive in August, and interested in their year round program. I would have to live with a host family, since I am also from the east coast. How long are ballet technique classes a day?

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to Ilove ballet -

Ballet Chicago posts their class schedules on their website. One thing you need to consider way before August (assuming you're still in high school) if you want to attend year round is where you will attend school (unless you're going to do it online). Chicago public schools on the whole are not fabulous (although there are some individual schools that are fine) and private schools tricky to gain entry. It would be helpful for anyone who knows others who have attended year round from out of town to post on this subject.

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I know this is a moot point now but just in case anyone else is wondering….my DD attends Ballet Chicago year round and is in the Company. We live locally so she is able to attend our high school but does have to have an abbreviated schedule to accommodate the early class time. Although some of the dancers over the years have home schooled most of them attend a regular public or private school.

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Is there an audition for ballet Chicago or a placement class?

My family (my mother and myself) were thinking of moving here to be closer to family, and to get better training. Plus, I missed the city!

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Would anyone be willing to update this thread with information on the current graduation class. What they are doing, if dancing..where, and then also if dancing is it as corp, trainee, etc.? This information helps us track the program's successes if in the Chicago area or moving to the area.

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1 - PA Ballet 2 (BC alumni)

1 - North Carolina Dance Theatre Apprentice

1 - NCDT trainee

1 - returning home to Europe hoping to presue a dance career.


several are still undecided as to whether or not they will be returning in the fall. not many offers this year...

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to add on to the previous post:


one BC alumna is joing Pennsylvania Ballet (the regular company, not PA ballet 2)

and I believe three people were accepted as NCDT apprentices, one will not be accepting the position and I don't know about the other two

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Can some one tell me the ages in the company?

Are there many students who are over 18? if so, how many and what are their ages.

Thank you

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