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Petite Allegro Combinations


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Today there were only 2 of us in class- which was very strange. The must be lots of tests in school this week or something. Our class was awesome. We tons of combinations with turns, and I love to turn. But even cooler was that I actually enjoyed petite allegro.

So read the combination, and then go jete around the room!


We did.

(5th, right leg back, moving to the right) glissade, jete (moving to the left) glissade jete, pas de bourre, jete, pas de bourre, jete, pas de bourre, jete, pas de bourre, changement (and then reverse it)


Simple but it was so much fun! And it was neat to really get to travel because all the pas de bourres continue to move in the same direction.


Edit to add: I just realized where the missing counts were! After the glissade jetes there was a pique (using the foot that was in coup de pied from the jete, and lifting the other foot to croise at 45 degrees) that is held for an extended beat. That was our time to work on epaulment.

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Well, I didn’t jump up from my computer and do the combination, but do admit to moving my feet under the table as I read the steps.


Just want to say that I enjoy posts like this one where people talk about things they enjoyed doing in class, especially those things that seemingly are simple or mundane and not disguised boasts (though I have nothing against talking about accomplishments, as doing something successfully that we have long worked on is definitely worthwhile mentioning).

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Well, I didn’t jump up from my computer and do the combination, but do admit to moving my feet under the table as I read the steps.



I did the same thing! :) But I'm wearing clunky shoes today, and our office is basically like a load of tables in rows... the person in front of me turned around to see what all the tapping was! :D


We did a fun one yesterday, that had a similar feeling of moving across the room - really simple - glissade jete petite assemble changement. Everyone was smiling at the end of it.

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petite assemble from a jete- ooh we do that alot, and they do not make me smile :) Glad you had fun!


I'm terrible at petite allegro. My assembles need a ton of work, but if they aren't preceded by a glissade, sometimes it's hard to tell they were meant to be assemble's at all :D

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Guest BalletBrat


Here is a fun little Bournonville thing we did yesterday..


1entrechat quatre, 2changement battu,3 entrechat cinq,hold4, 5 jete battu, 6jete battu, 7brise over,hold8, repeat on the left ,arms remaining in bra bas throughout.


This was only the first part of the combination which goes on with assembles battus and other such little nuggets of batterie changing tempo, we figured we would add that on later! :devil:

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Guest pink tights

Skittle--I think assembles with out the glisside are always tough. Even more difficult are consecutive from fifth. Get up from your computer and try 4 or 6 of those. Last time we did those in class, I started laughing--so my teacher started yelling "use your plie, use your plie" which made me laugh even harder. Teacher started laughing too--guess they looked that bad.

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BalletBrat- sounds fun, but above my level! I honestly can't even mark it with my feet, even though I think I know what all the steps are.


PinkTights- we often do consecutive assembles from 5th (usually about 4 or 6)- mine turn into sissone after the second one because I totally lose the brushing! I got laughed at in class yesterday, but I'm sure my cabrioles deserved it :devil:

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Guest BalletBrat

I'm sorry, but keep it in mind when you're ready for it. :devil:


I also find consecutive assembles challenging! I just got up and tried those, ugh, after about three, I started doing a weird version of a jete! Fortunatly, I work at the school as the office manager during the day and I have a nice little studio about three feet from my desk to try all these things in!

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I tried both of the combinations and must tell you I executed them perfectly. However, I must confess that both of them were done in my head! :devil: I am sitting here with my feet up on a stool suffering with a painful foot, sore knees, and an aching back!! When everything is working again I might try them for real!!!

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Hmm. I just tried both combinations in my head, and neither of them changed sides. First one started and finished with right foot back in 5th, second one started right foot front 5th and ended the same way. Were they supposed to change sides?



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Hmm. I must have made a mistake typing it, but now I can't figure out how to make it change sides. I know there was a pas de bourre after the last jete and the changement got you ready to switch.


Sorry :)

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skittle--your original combination worked for me.


I'm not sure it should have because I realized my mistake- I THINK this is the right combination, but now once again, I'm not sure- because I thought there were only 2 glissades, but I know there were 2 piques.


To the right you glissade jete, pique

To the left you glissade, jete, pique

To the RIGHT, you glissade, jete, pas de bourre, jete, pas de bourre, jete pas de bourre, changement.



Oh well... this is why I don't come up with the combinations in the first place :D

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Guest pink tights

This is how I worked it out:


glisside-jete to the right

glisside-jete to the left (right foot will be in cou-de-pied derriere)

jete-pas de bourree (going right. after jete, left foot goes into as pas de bourree. right foot ends up in cou-de-pied derriere after pdb. repeat two times.

on the last pas de bourree, close to fifth-right foot in back. changement. left foot will now be in back.

Repeat to the left.


I didn't do the other combinations, as I am nursing an injured foot.


Do post more combinations!

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