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Yikes! What's wrong with me?


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I'm so confused. Yesterday I had the worst class in the history of my bad classes. The thing that makes it so bad is I don't know why. My Wednesday rehearsal was fine and my Tuesday and Monday classes were fine then I had a horrible class. The same thing happened last week Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were fine, but on Thursday and Friday I messed up so badly.

I kept on falling out of turns, I couldn't jump, and my left foot wouldn't point. Not to mention I kept messing up the combinations. It is so weird.

I am sick but usually only my balance is off when I'm sick. Nothing in my life is different really.

What's wrong :)?

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You've answered yourself: You're sick.


Sickness does not always make itself known in the same way. Of all the hundreds of things that can possibly go wrong in a class, just those you mentioned would be benign indeed, when you consider what can happen. Even hay fever won't show itself the same way every time. Relax, use the weekend to rest and recover. Do some sick time and get better.

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Don't worry, bad classes and falling happens sometimes. Just yesterday, my group was doing a pointe pirouette combination and I was aiming for a triple. Me and my friend who was like one or two people away from me fell at the exact same time without meaning too! It was a really weird coincedence. :devil:

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