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Pirouettes on pointe


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I am 25 and just returned to ballet after being out for 8 years. I am working very hard to get everything back to where it was. Anyway, one problem I am having is when I do a pirouette on pointe from fourth, I always lean back. I know a lot of this probably comes from me not holding in my stomach, but could there be other causes. Also, what can I do to prevent this. It is obviously preventing me from completing more that a double.



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Hello Starlightballet, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :)


It sounds to me like the main problem is the 8 years! You really can't expect to come back after that length of time and just start pointe work, much less pirouettes on pointe. It takes quite a while to get your alignment and balance point back together, not to mention all the muscles working to create your center, the rotation, the use of the upper back, the arms, the head, etc. etc. Give it some time!

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I have actually been back to ballet for 1 year now and have been dancing 3-4 days a week for the past year. I should have been more detailed with that. Different technical aspects have been slowly coming back. I tend to lean back in other areas, but it is the pirouettes that I am fighting. Any help that you can give would make my life much easier! =)




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This is where the thinking part of ballet has to come in. You have to develop proprioception all over your body, so that you can tell what every part is doing at any stage of a movement. Most ordinary human beings (non-dancers) only have a vague idea of what their arms and legs are doing. We have to know for sure what's happening EVERYWHERE! (Whoops! Ropopo hanging out! Gotta fix that!)

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I have that problem ,too- I hold my stomach, but let my upper back and shoulders go- it's like I don't feel the connection between my upper and lower body( one of my teaches says part of the reason that is happening is because I have a long torso so you have more play between them and it's harder to feel it with that- she has the same thing and it was more difficult for her to feel the connection, too, when she was a dancer.

That being said, she said some things to think about were to just think of going straight up and not around,so you don't lean either way, to try to hold your ribs together , or the bones going down your back from your shoulders together. It tightens the back and makes it more supportive. Also. are you relaxing your head and letting it turn easily, or is it tense and do you think that might be weighing you down when you turn and throwing you back? I do that too- I think part of it is a fear factor with me.

hope this helps a little-

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