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A more serious school?

Guest Twiggy

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I've started up ballet again this year ( :) ) but I've often found myself worying that I'm not getting enough corrections about my technique and placement etc. I love my ballet teacher but I think that I'm not getting enough focus on the basics. I may want to change schools and start taking a more serious class. I'm not aiming for a profesional career but I would like to get as much out of posibly my last year of dance as posible. (I'm in grade eleven) Do you think that this would be a good idea?


PS. I'd like to continue taking my lyrical class at the studio I'm at unless I think another studio would be as good.



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Twiggy, without knowing more about your school and your classes, it's really hard for us to know whether you are getting good training or not. I will say, however, that if you go to a serious professional school, you will not find "lyrical" classes, as the focus will be on ballet technique.

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