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Popping hips


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I'm having a little problem in ballet class. Whenever I grand battment, ( or come down from any extension really) my hip pops. I real a bunch of pops as I'm going up to the front, and I feel one big one as I come down in a le seconde(sorry if spelling is incorrect). Is this a problem. It always happens but lately it's starting to bother me. Is there anything I can do to prevent or at least help this problem??

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Not being a medical person, rather a ballet teacher, I am not qualified to answer your question. However, there have been many questions regarding the same sensation. Run a search. :D


If the popping is accompanied by pain, you might consider a visit to a medical professional.

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Knock, Knock.

Not a teen but a parent. I am not a medical person but my DD had the same problem a few years ago. We found that going to a chiropractor helped. Here is link to the Harkness Center for Dance Injuries that can give you more information.Harkness Center for Dance Injuries


Sorry I realize that I probably should not have posted to this forum. Please feel free to delete.

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Nope, not gonna delete. Any post advising contacting Harkness in regard to dance injuries is a good one! :D

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Thank you very much msd053!! That website really helped me to understand a little better what was happening. I'm gonna talk it over with my mom and i'll probably get it looked at. Thanks!!

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