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I have a question about strength, flexibility and using those two attributes together. I am fairly flexible (ex. all splits, flat frog ect.) but I struggle a lot with developpe. I have the flexibility to grab my leg with my hand and pull it past my ear, but my developpe is only 110 degrees or so. I was wondering, how do I fix that? I do lots of Pilates and stretching everyday combined with daily technique classes, but my extensions are not going any higher. I have a feeling that this is a strength issue, but how do I build that strength without compromising my flexibility? Thanks. :D

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Keep taking ballet classes! In many cases, in fact, I'd say most, high extension comes on suddenly, as strength and flexibility gradually combine. I know that sounds like a contradiction, but that's how so much of ballet works!

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I'm in the same boat as Balletismylife07. Not quite so much in my hips, but I have a lot of flexibility in my back (I can do a back bridge and touch my head to almost the back of my knees). My posture is god awful because I don't have the strength to hold it. Any tips? And I don't stretch to make my back that bendy....it just is

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Consciously hold yourself upright. Pull upwards and inwards with the lower abdominals and support yourself that way. It will also help with extension.

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