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I have found that I can not hold my arms correctly during a pirouette. I watched the turnboard video, and the girl seems to bring her arms into a weird position towards the end. Is that an acceptable form for the arms?

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At my old school my teacher said that if you had long arms that we should turn with that position. The problem with doing that is if you forget about you arms while turning they move to a, what my new teacher calls, a "gissel" position. Your arms go down and your hands come up like when you do turns in partnering. My new teacher hates it. I guess it depends on the teacher :D.

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That position of the arms is sometimes called bras adorés, and is frequently correct in partnering.

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My teacher told us to touch your fingertips (just one -> two fingers) and thinking that we'd hold a big round basket in our arms. This helped me a lot not to loose my arms.

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The answer to all of these arm problems is to find your back muscles and learn to use them for turning AND for supporting the arms in the turning position. Once you understand it, it's a matter of practice. Arms are SO totally correctable, and no one spends any time working on them. Very furstrating for teachers. It's one of the few things that can be worked on at home, once you just understand what and how.

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