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Auditions: Height Requirements When Not Listed

Snow Maiden

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If a company does not advertise height requirements, does that mean they accept a broader range than those that do? I am 5'7", so I fall within most of the ranges that I've seen (Except Richmond! :D ) but just wondering.

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Snow Maiden, this is only a guess, but possibly the companies may be interested to find the best dancers they are able to find regardless of height, but more often than not, someone may not have thought it through enough to post height limits. If I were you, I would phone to question. :D

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Height is such an elusive issue - one year, my dd auditioned for a company, made it to the final group and then was told that she was too tall for that company - at that moment... (she's 5'6") The following year - she was given an offer at the audition. So height, if it is not specified is subjective. I think it depends quite a bit on who is in the company currently i.e. shorter or taller men, does the AD like tall or short - or maybe even the dancer's ability. For instance if you are really on the short or tall side - but you are so talented, that they must have you, regardless of your height!


So, I guess the real answer is - it depends! :offtopic:

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im 5'9", and im planning on auditioning for companies next year at this time, so ive been doing my research already. ive been emailing any and every company ive been interested in to ask about their height requirements and how strict they are about the height restrictions. they are usually very nice and quick to answer. i had one email from a company the exact heights they were looking for this year, which was great to know that they will tell you directly what they want. so i recommend emailing them!

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That makes sense. Not giving specifics on the audition notice doesn't mean they aren't looking specifically for a 5'4" blonde with exceptional turning ability. Or, they may really be open to anyone who can dance. Time to start sending e-mails!

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Guest love2dance_15

I am a Female dancer that is 5'8 and I was just wondering what the average heighth in companies is for dancers? I keep hearing that Companies keep raising the maximum height for their dancers. Is this true? :shrug:


Thanks a million



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Yes, now you're too short.


But actually, nobody can answer that question. There aren't data collected on that information, and the database can change from year to year, or even from one end of a season to another. All that can be done is to notice which companies hire tall, and which hire short, and which don't care.


And no, I will not make lists.

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LINES Ballet has no height restrictions, and Mr. King (The AD) tends to like tall dancers.


Ballet Austin has no height requirements or restrictions, nor is there a "preferred height".


Nederlans Dans Theatre has no height restrictions.


Ballet Nouveau Colorado has no height restrictions.


Kansas City Ballet has no height restrictions.


Complexions Dance has no height restrictions.


Tulsa Ballet has no height restrictions.


Carolina Ballet does not have any height restrictions, but here is a quote from their email...

"We do not have any height restrictions for female dancers but would

rather get someone 5'5" -7" than someone very tall or short. We have

several girls 5'2" so I know we aren't looking for any one short and we

seem to have several girls 5'8' or taller so I know we don't want anymore

tall dancers either unless someone doesn't return next year. What is

more important to Mr. Weiss is the technique of the dancer. If you are

a really strong dancer, he will be interested no matter what your



Charleston Ballet said that they tend to like smaller dancers.


Nevada Ballet Theatre has a height limit of 5'6" for women.


North Carolina Dance Theatre has no height requirements/restrictions. They tend to prefer long, lean dancers. They said that they prefer the Balanchine aesthetic for females.


Ballet Memphis currently has dancers ranging in height from 5'3" to 5'8", but they are not strict on the height restrictions. The dancing matters most.



Those are the ones that i have gotten emails back from. I have several out waiting for replies. So i will keep everyone updated as i get the emails back!

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Hello luvtodance 15 and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :shrug:


I moved your post, as it's really not a nutrition or health question, but was not sure where to put it in terms of your age category here on the board. So, Cross Talk will take care of it for now :)


Actually, I think it fits on Career General Discussion, so I will move it there.

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LooseLegs2 -- As the parent of a tall DD, thank you for the valuable information! Please continue to update us with the responses that you receive and good luck!

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