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Post-class Fatigue


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Might it be possible to take different anti-malarials? I lived in West Africa for two years and there were three different types that people used, all resulting in different reactions. Perhaps you'd react less to a different kind?

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Thanks again folks, for all your input.


So be careful about judging fatigue.  From strictly a dance point of view, I’d make an assessment about midway through a barre.  If you feel fatigued then, it’s most likely real.  If not, at least from a dance perspective, it’s false.


I personally think I was/am (it's getting better slowly) really fatigued. Class *usually* gets me 'pumped' and going again... but I was more like a zombie trying to get through it, and even regularly during the day was consistent really tired. Again, that's been better over the past 3-4 days.


They're kind of pricey but, I thought well worth it.  Mine was covered by my medical insurance as my doc wrote a prescription for it.  I used a loaner from the doctor's office to test whether it would work for me before I bought my own. 


OOOOH they are so pricey. At the end of last year Redbookish directed me to some lightbulbs that were more affordable - I might have to go that route first I'm afraid!


Might it be possible to take different anti-malarials?  I lived in West Africa for two years and there were three different types that people used, all resulting in different reactions.  Perhaps you'd react less to a different kind?


This is exactly what I'm hoping. The first time I went to Nigeria I didn't have too many problems - a little stomach ache but nothing bad. Then, since I didn't react badly to that anti-malarial, I was on the same one when I went to India for 8 months - by the end of that I just didn't feel right - really nauseous, kind of out of it, and I actually lost a lot of hair!! So this time to India they put me on a different anti-malarial, but it still wasn't quite right. I think I'm just going to have to try and figure out what is the lesser evil! And I think after this trip, I might give up travelling to high-risk countries for a bit, just to give my system a break!!!

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The class itself seems to have some effect on whether I'm tired afterwards. I've had one teacher whom I otherwise wasn't crazy about except that I always felt charged up coming out of her classes, even on a late night when I was already tired from work. And one or two others where I always felt so relaxed coming out that if I were tired, I'd be really tired.


I think it has to do with the energy level of the teacher, how much they get your adrenaline going with their way of conducting class, and also with how much aerobic stuff you do at the end of class. If you do slow combinations, some echappés and then a pointe segment - not very aerobic. If you do lots of jumping and running across the room, that's energizing. The one who left us charged up tended to end with 256 changements or something, not with reverence. And I really like reverence - hm, artistic development or feeling of energy, which to choose?

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