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Pique turns en pointe


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So, I just cannot nail these pique turns in pointe shoes. I do well in flats and that's it! I know one of my problems is that I'm not giving myself a good enough plie to push from. Another problem is the foot/ankle wobble that sometimes happens when I do push onto the pique leg. I just feel so unstable. I've been working with a teacher and she told me to try to keep a rhythm to the pique turns so it's not "stop-think-pause-go-stop again" but it is so HARD. Sometimes the the hip of my pique leg seizes up because I'm anticipating pushing onto it and "what if my foot wobbles, twists, and I fall!" I know some of it is in my head. I've been working with Therabands 3-4 times a week to strengthen my feet and doing releves in pointe at home, but I'm just not seeing results quick enough.

Any tips on successful pique turns en pointe :shrug: ?

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I do better pique turns than piques without the turns on pointe shoes! I think the don't think just do is really a huge part of it.


My biggest problem when I am doing them without the turn is I leave my hip instead of using my non-piqueing leg to push of my entire body- I push, and then shift. It's just real bad. I have to be really careful to make sure my entire body goes together.


My other problem is that when I get tired I tend to bend my pique-ing leg! A huge NO NO.


But with turns there isn't any time to mess up- you just have to do it right.


And pique turns en pointe are a ton of fun!


(Oh, if you fall- the floor will catch you! It always does)

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You all are very right, my private teacher told me the same thing, "just do it!" I don't think about it, or hesitate, when I do pique turns in soft shoes, why should I have to ponder in pointe shoes? She told me that the difference between adults and kids, ofcourse, is that kids are focused on the MOVEMENT of the turn, just getting around is their goal usually. But adults THINK "Oh how is my head placement?" "Oh, is that toe pointed enough?" "Oh, PUSH with that back leg!" And the entire turn goes in the bits and pieces of the body parts we are thinking about, instead of the whole body going in one complete motion.

I'll psych myself up and try to keep a steadier rhythm. Yesterday what also helped was pulling out a pair of old Grishko 2007s that have sat in my closet for months because when I bought them I could not get up and over them for the life of me. Maybe my feet have become stronger or something but I can REALLY balance in these shoes well. They are a 7 XXX, a bit tight, so I just online ordered a 7 XXXX.

Thanks all :offtopic:

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Silly enough as it sounds, I find it helpful to just hum a sort of rhythm with the music (pa-PUM, pa-PUM...etc.) and just have that blasting in my head while I go and turn. It pushes out any technical naggings that make me hesitate or worry.

(I'm sure I have not explained this very well :P )

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I agree with your teacher that adults think to much about the different elements of the body. However, I also believe that we also have a bit of the fear factor! :P Years of experience have taught us about those things that could potentially happen if we don't execute the step correctly! I have the fear of falling and, being that I am no spring chicken, the fear of breaking something :green:. I use the Balanchine quote that Maj Mel posted (only I didn't know that it was Balanchine!!!) with my adults all the time when they just can't get a step. It really works with most of them, especially the analytical ones.


When I am doing my piques I get the chant in my head of up, down, up, down, in time with the music. It helps me to focus on doing the step. With my students, I will say it or clap in time with the music to help them get the rythym of the turn.


Good luck, you will get there.

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I am having difficluties in spotting- as in exactly when do you snap your head? I have this problem in pirouettes, too. When I approach it as the head is the last thing to leave and the first to arrive, I hestiate too long and probably part of the problem is tension that makes me stiffen my neck and head as well.

I take ballroom clases also, and don't have a problem with spotting there at all, especially with fast dances like the hustle.

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I had this problem too - I was waiting too long and then lost control. It helped me to have ONE particular spot (in my case it was a fan in the corner of the studio). I really had to concentrate to spot this fan - now it works in other studios as well but I make sure that I know what/where to look at :)

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I strongly believe that every proper ballet studio needs big red dots in every corner in order to spot during turns. Maybe someone dressed in purple to stand in the corner, even. :D



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Well, maybe don't think of "snapping" your head around. It doesn't really need to be like that.


Spotting is more like just making sure your eyes are focused on something...that you're orienting yourself in space.

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I agree, lampwick - actually seeing can work wonders.

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Pique turns need "attack". You can't just kind of "creep" up there...really focus your eyes...focus over the bridge of your nose (don't look down) and relax your neck...no tension.

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