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how long will it take?

Guest iheartashton847

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Guest iheartashton847

So I am 14 years old, and i just started taking ballet a few months ago and I am in love, I am in a class with some girls who have been doing it for longer than I, so it is decently advanced, according to most of my friends who go to other schools. My Question is, how long will it take for me to be able to go on pointe? and what will I have to do to be able to acheive that goal in a short time

thank you all a lot

Julie :shrug:

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Julie, I wish we could tell you, but without being able to see you, in terms of your physical facility for ballet, and also to see your training, it's just impossible to know. You need a solid enough technical base, plus good alignment, rotation and good use of that rotation, good feet, strong legs, abs, back muscles, etc., etc., etc. For now, just get as much training as you can, work hard, learn well, and enjoy it. :shrug:

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Generally, it takes 2 or 3 years for a dancer to become strong enough for pointe when they are a late starter. There are exceptions, but not always.


My advice would be to keep practicing and strengthening you legs, feet, and ankles. If you really want a good estimate, I would ask your teacher because she knows how far along you are technique wise.

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Guest iheartashton847

I have very strong feet and ankles, thank God! When I asked my teacher how long it would take, she didnt seem to think pointe was important! But if I want to be a pro dancer, its pretty important!

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She's probably just discouraging you from wanting to go on pointe too soon. Tell her that you aspire to go pro. Then just wait a bit, and work harder. Once she sees you are truly ready, she will tell you.


But for now, I know what it's like to be anxious to go on pointe. It can get really, really hard! If you have the dedication, the passion, and don't forget the technique for it, you will be on pointe in no time! Just please don't give up (like I did for a while) and work even harder!


:yes: Kisses! Bye!

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