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Music: Divertimento #15 music

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I would like to buy the music for Balanchine's Divertimento #15. I have tried classicalballetmusic.com but I can't seen to find it. Does anyone have any idea where I could purchase it? If not any specifically ballet music sites, what about a normal classical music site? Does anyone know of any recordings that have accurate tempos in regard to those of the ballet? Thanks...

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the music that inspired balanchine's ballet is mozart's DIVERTIMENTO NO. 15 IN B-FLAT MAJOR, K. 287 - there are likely numerous recordings on classical music labels. as for the precise order and arrangement of the music as balanchine decided upon it for his 1956 ballet - including the cuts he made, and the additional cadenza for violin and viola that john colman composed at balanchine's request - i don't know of any recordings made with the ballet itself in mind.

perhaps other ballettalk readers can recommend which of the standard mozart label recordings best suits tempos suited to balanchine's choreography.

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