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Bad stretch/good stretch?


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I've taken recently to stretching my feet whenever Im sitting on the computer or in class etc... I sit with my legs bent in front of me (feet in 6th position releve) and try to push my arches as far over my toes in demi as I can (it feels like a nice stretch to me).. then I try and push down with my toes with lots of resistance so that my feet become completely pointed with the tips of the toes on the floor.... I find after a few repititions of this I can really feel the muscles in my arches getting tired, so I assumed I was working them and making them stronger. But then my friend who has danced for many years saw me doing this in class and told me that it would be bad for my feet and could give me tendonitis, though I dont see how... :green:

What does everyone here think?? Bad or good?

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Those over-the-instep stretches aren't too bad, but one should be careful not to "crunch" the foot while doing them. I would think that would lead more to a species of plantar fasciitis rather than tendinitis, although some people use the latter as a sort of blanket term for every ouchie in the foot/ankle area.

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