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Excersies for increasing turnout


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What excersises can I do to increase the rotation/turnout in my working leg(s)? I have a theraband if that helps. :yes: Once a week I go to a school that is affiliated with a professional company. The teacher said that I have excellent turnout in my feet/ankles but not in my thigh and hip area. I know that turnout comes from the hips so I was wondering what I can do to improve? I especcially need help doing develepes and grande battments to the front. My working leg is all the way turned out at 90 degrees and anything past that and my leg turns in.

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There's no nice way to say this: You don't take enough ballet classes.


From what you've told us on another thread, you take something like 6 hours of class/week. That's not enough to build a technique that will allow you to do the things you want to do. And for heaven's sake, be careful! Having "turnout below the knees" and not at the hip is just dangerous! The knee wasn't meant to bend that way!

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But there's no excercieses I can do at home? If not, then I'll just pay close attention about my turnout when I'm at class. And good news!, I am now taking 8 hrs. of class/week. I know it's still not enough.

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Guest costumier

It's a bit hard to describe exactly how to do exercises with text. The best thing would be to get your ballet teacher to show you the sorts of home exercises you could be doing, after all that's part of what you paying for isn't it? And maybe see a physical therapist who knows ballet and could give you specialised exercises.

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Just a reminder that this is the Young Dancers' forum. No parents please! :yes:

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Guest Jeri loves to dance

Hi! One excercise i know that is the be all and end all of increasing turnout is rond de jambe a terre. It uses all your turnout muscles to their fullest extent. Just keep practicing!

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Haha, I couldn't resist the name of this thread because my director had the following talk with his upper level students the other day...


Director: Ok I think I need to clear something up here. Who can tell me an exercise for turnout?

Students: *demonstrate plie combo, etc*

Director: No!!!! EVERYTHING in ballet is an exercise for turnout!!!!


So there's your answer. :wub:


On a less annoying note, there ARE nice little hip-opening exercises you can do if you're tight like me that will warm your hips up before class and make it easier to FIND that turnout. I like to do the one where you lie on your side with your knees bent and legs in parallel, and rotate the top leg out to a passe position, in + out + in + out until you feel a nice little warmth in the hip socket...

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