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Yes YingYing, I often wonder the same thing. I always think well maybe it's "Beginning ballet....again after not doing it for some years, but having actually a lot of ballet experience" . :yucky:


To be honest, it can depend on the area where the 'beginning ballet' class is offered. If there are very few classes, then what normally happens is that some adults who have had experience in the past want to return to ballet and that 'beginning ballet' class is the only one they find. They go, and at least 3 or 4 similar level people go, then that kind of sets the level for the rest for the class. It's difficult and must be frustrating for the teacher as it's a choice between giving good technically challenging combinations or real basic steps. With the former, the beginners can try to have a go and give them something to aim for and if they have problems then the teacher can break down the steps (which is the way it usually is). and with the latter it can beso basic that the teacher runs the risk of people up and leaving because it's boring. I'm sorry, but learning the real basics of ballet could probably seem boring to a complete beginner who may envisage themselves as the sugar plum fairy. But you have to start somewhere. So in the end it is whoever that is in the class that sets the scene for the rest.

Especially, if you join half way through the year or term. Is this what has happened with you?



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I did not join in half way through the year. I am one of the intermidate dancers who likes to go to begging class once a week and occasionaly we have six or seven intermidate dancers join the begging class. By the way thankyou for your information.

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