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Pointe after 1 yr back?


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Well, my teacher has told me that she will probably start me on pointe in the summer... (will be after 1 yr back to ballet). She thinks I am ready, and Im now taking 5 classes/wk (was taking 3/wk for 1st few months)... but everyone on the board seems to repeat the "no sooner than 2years" mantra.. Is this an absolute? I mean, if it's less than 2 years, does this mean my teacher is no good? I do trust her, so I wouldn't have doubted her advice except for what Ive heard here... so is there any way to know for sure? :yucky:

Sorry to rehash what seems to be the most common topic around...

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You say after one year _back_ - you danced before? Were you on pointe when you were younger?


Often times (depending on the initial level of training and the length of time off) when one returns to ballet you can regain your previous level of strength/technique much much faster than it took to learn the first time.


Without seeing you, I cannot say if you are actually ready - but it is certainly possible for a returning student to be ready in less than two years with lots of classes (5x/week counts as lots).



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I didn't do pointe when I was younger, I did ballet from 8-11 yrs old... it was at a good school if that makes a difference... theyve trained girls who got into NBoC school and Royal Winnipeg school, so I know that at least the teachers there knew what they were doing...

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Sashinka, if you are in a good school, then you need to trust your teachers to know if you are ready. You are an adult, and you are taking a lot of classes. The rules are generally geared for young students, and it's a minimum of 3 years. They take fewer classes per week at that age. There are always exceptions, especially with adults. If you are at a technical level to be ready for pointe, and if you have the strength of placement, rotation and good strong legs with good feet for ballet, then it should be okay. :yes:

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