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Wiggle in my legs!


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I have recently noticed at class last night that whenever I would do certain steps, my legs would start to wiggle and give out. I am usually a strong dancer, and almost never wiggle. I have had Swimming Physical Education (PE) in school, and I have at least 3 hours of dance every night. Am I just overworked? Or am I just losing my strength?



While we are at it, I have one other question. What are good stretches to do the splits? I need to have splits accomplished by May, and I have no idea how!



Thank you in advance,

Ryan-Emma Y.

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Sorry, but I have no idea about the "wiggle" in the legs, unless you are just not finding your center. If you are having a growth spurt, this could be the case.


As far as the splits, they ARE a stretch. That is their purpose. Being able to do them is not generally essential for ballet. They are used to increase your flexibility for extensions.

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Thank You Ms. Leigh,


My mum has planned an appointment with a sports medicine doctor for later on today (It is 3:45 a.m. here in London (Im awake feeding my little sister, my mum is too tired, because they are quints and they are 5 months old, I have 15 siblings!)), and I will go and see if we can work it out. I will follow up and tell you what happens later!



Thank You,


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my legs do that wiggle thing too sometimes. I eat a banana or drink some orange juice and it stops. I hope that it works out.


p.s that's a lot of kids!

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Guest pinkroses

If I get what you mean about the "wiggle", sometimes it happens to me when I am overstretched and my muscles are tired, but that might not be the same thing.


Splits: I stretched almost every day for about a year - I still am doing so - and I got my splits after about 6 months. They take patience! I presume that for some people they are harder, depending on natural flexibility, but usually lots of lunges help. Make sure your knee is not past your toes or you are not getting the right stretch. Technically, they are not necessary, but I would say that its pretty difficult to do a split leap without your split. Just think of it that you have flexibility hidden inside you and you have to stretch to bring it out, and keep practicing~good luck!

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That size of a family, and I'm not surprised that your legs wiggle. You sound like you have a lot of responsibility for the younger ones. That's a stressor in itself. I'd draught the next oldest and delegate some of the work.

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