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Guest Meliss

i am going to Germany for almost 3 weeks to visit family and what not, andi was wondering if anyone knew of any good ballet studios in southern Germany (i'm going to be in Illigan which is about 2 hours from munich) if anyone can help i'd really appreciate it! thanks!!!



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Well, Munich has a pretty respectable school, but by the time you get there, Sommersemester will be over, and Holiday will be in full swing. You could call to find out if they have any classes in August.

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I wasn't really sure where to put this post, but this seems like the best place.


There is a great possibility that I will be moving to Kaiserslautern in Germany. Towns near there would be: Stuttgart, Wiesbaden, Frankfurt, Saarbrucken, Trier and Vhannhein. Does any one know of any pre pro or very good schools in these areas? :shrug: I did a google search--but with little success. I feel that I have the ability to judge good training, although it would be very difficult because of the language barrier. Also, my family and I are not familiar with these areas.


I lived in Germany for five years when I was much younger, but I have forgotten most of the language! I am very unsure about this situation, I feel that it will be less than helpful if I can not understand corrections teachers give. I might be able to pick up some German if we move.


Does anyone have experience with studying at foreign schools? What are the difficulties/benefits? It probably is possible I will probably go into a residency program in the US if my ballet school in Germany is not providing the training I need to become a professional. If we move I will be 14 or 15. How much will a year at a "bad school" harm me? I wouldn't know what to do if there were no ballet schools (or only Dolly Dinkles)! :wacko:


I am very serious about having a professional career. I study six days per week in DC under Pat Berrend.


Please Help! Thanks in advance. :angry:

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The Stuttgart Ballet should be an excellent place to start. Talk to Ms. Berrend, as she knows Germany very well :angry:

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There is the ballet division of the Musikhochschule in Frankfurt as well as the University of Performing Arts (Musikhochschule in Mannheim) that provide excellent training. And of course you have the John Cranco School that Victoria Leigh mentionned.

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As has been suggested already, the John Cranko School is excellent. They do have a website in English. It is also an academic school. There are many foreign students in the school. German as a second language is taught as an academic subject. The faculty is international. It is an excellent school. See the website provided.



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John Cranko is excellent. I'd say that Cranko is one of the best school you will find in Europe. Try it, there you will receive good training.


Wiesbaden should be also really good from what I have heard. Daniil has danced in the Staatstheater and you could PM him for more information about the school.


Iill search some links to good schools later, when I have time.

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DSL mentioned the balletschool in Mannheim and although probably the training is very good, when I auditioned there, I didn't like the school. The teachers and director have a really old fashioned (in my eyes and also in comparison to other top professional schools) approach to how dancers should look like.


This causing (in my opinion), when seeing all the (extremely thin) girls, very unhealthy situations. I won't go further into detail on it.


On the other hand, the school looked beautiful, nice studios (with good floors) and a theatre studio.



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Thank you for all of your replies! The ballet situation is a factor in moving or not. I wanted to make sure there were good schools.


The John Cranko school seems like the best choice. I read an article about it in Poitne magazine and visited the website. However, I read that they are very selective, it would be very hard to get in. I'm not sure if I would be make it in. The website didn't say anything about open classes. Does anyone know if they have them?


Thanks again. :rolleyes:

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There are quite a few good schools in Germany, you will have to audition for each.

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There is a ballet company in Kaiserslautern so it is likely that you could find training there. You might ask the people who will be arranging for your parents' move to help you get in touch with them.

All the best.

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There is an excellent article on the John Cranko School in this month's Pointe magazine. Really quite interesting.

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What about northern Germany? Does anyone know any places there...besides the Hamburg Ballett? But around Hamburg...I might not be moving this year. = /

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if you are looking for top- notch ballet training Neumeier is your only choice in northern Germany.


How old are you? If you are looking for a residency program, definitely "shop around" and audition all over Germany and maybe the Netherlands, for example the conservatory in The Hague is excellent.

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No I'm not looking for top top notch places seen as I don't come from one Although I want to try =P Im fourteen years old. Thanks for the quick reply

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